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[sticky post] Sticky Welcome Post/Fic List

Welcome to my small but growing collection of (mostly) Legend of the Seeker fan-fiction and assorted ramblings. Feel free to add me as a friend if you like, but I will warn you that I am a lurker by nature; I've been trying to get better about the whole interacting-with-people thing, but it's generally not something I'm good at.

And now to the reason we're all here:

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(crossposted from Tumblr)

“When you mate for life, and your life is measured in centuries, you figure out ways to make it work.”
~ Olivia, 1x04 “Faetal Attraction”

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Checking In...

It's been a while, I know. I've kinda mostly given up on LiveJournal, so I only come back to check my friends page once in a blue moon. However, there are a couple of things I wanted to fill y'all in on (Heh...if there's anyone still reading this :P).

Firstly: The LotSeekerFic Awards! I completely forgot all about this, and it's only recently come to my attention that a couple of my stories actually won--so thank you to everyone that voted! The winners were:

The Very Worst Part of You (Is Me) (1st place Best Darkfic/Horror)
The Space Between (3rd place Best Darkfic/Horror)
Jealousy (Sometimes it Gets You Laid) (with simplesetgo and endgirl) (1st place Best Smut)

Secondly, I've become obsessed with yet another fandom. It took a few seasons (and one smokin' hot valkyrie in leather), but Lost Girl has officially sucked me in. I've started writing fic for it, which you can find on my AO3 account.

I haven't abandoned Seeker, as much as it may appear that way. I do plan on getting back to my endless list of ideas/works in progress for Seeker fic, I've just gotten a bit sidetracked. In the meantime, if anyone ever has questions or prompts or anything, you can always message me on LJ (I get e-mail notifications, so I'll know even if I don't come back to LJ for a while) or on Tumblr.


Dragon Age Fic: Perfect

Title: Perfect (Read on AO3
Characters/Pairings: Merrill + Isabela friendship
Rating: G
Summary: Merrill's having a hard time. Isabela is better at caring for people than she'd care to admit.
Notes: Inspired by Pink's song, "F*ckin' Perfect", because it gave me all kinds of Isabela + Merrill feels. Written for the Women of Dragon Age Fandom Challenge.
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Dragon Age Fic: A Legacy of Truth

Story Title: A Legacy of Truth
Pairing(s): Isabela/Marian Hawke (and some other minor/background pairings as well)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Some graphic violence, but nothing worse than in-game.
Author's Notes: Written for Wave Two of the dragonagebb. Massive thanks to amaranthined on Tumblr for the gorgeous art she created for the story.

This story borrows a concept from Legend of the Seeker/The Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind. It's not necessary to be familiar with the TV series or the books in order to follow the story, however. Also, huge thanks again to ivory_auror for the beta, and for helping me navigate this massive AU.

Summary:The confessors were created long ago by Tevinter magisters bent on harnessing the power of love to enslave others to their will. Now, centuries later, there are only a handful left.

Marian Hawke is one of them. With a single touch, she can make any person fall deeply and irrevocably in love with her--to the point that they think of nothing apart from her will. The only problem? She can't turn it off. Her power means that she can never be intimate with someone without confessing them--thereby destroying who they are.

She thinks she's made peace with that. She has family, after all, and close friends; it's more than many have. Then she meets Isabela.

Marian knows from the start that nothing can happen between them, but that doesn't stop her from falling in love with the rakish pirate--and Isabela is less than subtle in her own attraction to the confessor. A lifetime of practice gives Marian the strength to resist Isabela's persistent advances, but given enough pressure, even the strongest walls can crack.

To make matters worse, her power marks her as worse than an apostate--on the same level as a maleficar. As the years go by, Marian must endure heartbreak and loss, all while keeping her existence a secret from the templars who rule Kirkwall. While the city edges closer to chaos, Marian Hawke will learn whether she truly has a place in this world--and if there's room for anyone beside her.

Read it on AO3

Anxiety, Work, and Sex Clubs

(crossposted from Tumblr)

Wow, so I haven't done this in awhile. A lot's been going on...enough to justify a cut at least.
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I'm Baaaaack...Sorta

So, a lot of stuff has been going on that has kept me away from here; mainly work, and being swallowed up by the Dragon Age Big Bang. Seeing as how both of those are finished (more on that tomorrow, when I have time to get into it), I'm popping back in to say hi and to let you all know that some beautiful people have nominated me for the lotsfic_awards. The following stories have been nominated, and you can vote here if you are so inclined:

Best Darkfic/Horror:

The Very Worst Part of You (Is Me)
The Space Between

Best Smut:

The Heat of Battle
Steal Some Covers, Share Some Skin
Jealousy (Sometimes it Gets You Laid) (with simplesetgo and endgirl)

Dragon Age Fic: The Winds of Fate

Story Title: The Winds of Fate
Pairing(s): Isabela/Marian Hawke (minor Isabela/Fenris)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Some graphic violence, but nothing worse than in-game.
Summary: Marian Hawke's life could definitely be better. Flunking out of college, constantly fighting with her brother and disappointing her mother, and she's never had anything resembling a long-term relationship with a woman--but that all changes when a fight between her and Carver sends them hurtling into a deep, dark pit--and into another world.

There's only one clue that could help them get home. A word, carved into the rock where they fell: Asha'bellanar. Now they have to find out what it means, and how it can help them get back to their own world.

Luckily, they're not alone. As fate would have it, they're discovered by a certain Rivaini pirate captain. Isabela's looking for a distraction, and helping the Hawke siblings get home will do the job just as well as anything else. Together with her crew of misfits, Isabela will help Marian and Carver find Asha'bellanar, and their way home.

Author's Notes: Hey, look! I'm still around! I've been absent lately mostly because of stupid life stuff, but also because of this epic project I wrote for the dragonagebb. I'm hard at work on my Wave Two story, so this will have to tide you over for now :P

Huge thanks to ivory_auror for the beta, and for letting me ramble on about all kinds of randomness. Also thanks to Chenria for the awesome art she made for the story. More art should be coming, as soon as I get the link :)

Read it on AO3
Title: Steal Some Covers, Share Some Skin (Read on AO3)
Pairing: Cara/Kahlan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Unadulterated fluffy smut.
Word Count: 2490
Disclaimer: Cara and Kahlan are sadly not mine. But I think we all knew that already.
Summary: Modern AU, set after All We Have Is Now (For the Rest of Our Lives). Kahlan and Cara share a lazy Sunday.

Author's Notes: Hey, I'm still alive! :D Written for the lots_pornbattle. Prompts: lazy Sunday and kitchen counter.

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Title: when the stars have all gone out (you’ll still be burning so bright)
Pairing: Cara/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker), Myka/Helena (Warehouse 13), and Isabela/F!Hawke (Dragon Age II)
Rating: R/M
Word Count: 1146
Disclaimer: None of these lovely ladies are mine.
Summary: Two women carve out a space in time—for redemption, for surrender, for love.

Author's Notes: This is sort of an experiment, really. I wanted to write some smut to celebrate reaching 69 followers on Tumblr, but I didn’t want to leave any of my three main fandoms out by choosing one OTP over another, so…I didn’t choose. Accordingly, this can (hopefully) be read as any of the three pairings tagged. 

Title taken from Sarah McLachlan, “Answer”.

Thanks to both simplesetgo and endgirl for looking at this for me through different fandom glasses and making me a little bit more confident about trying something so crazy.

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